Security isn’t just about the borders of our country.

Security. I know a man who for seventeen years worked for a power company. He had risen to management and had an upper-middle-class income and lifestyle. Within one week, the company reorganized, and he was out on the street, bewildered and looking for another job. What just happened? he wondered. The week prior to that, everyone who knew him would have said that if anyone had it, he had job security.

My good friend and almost relative retired a little earlier than most. He spent his days tracking his investments, working on the house, and spending time with his lovely wife and some grandchildren that we share. One day, at the medical clinic for a different complaint, the doctor discovered pancreatic cancer. We all reeled from this news. He fought it valiantly for about three years before it claimed his life. Before that dreadful news, we considered him the picture of health in one’s sixties. He had planned well, invested wisely, and … could not have foreseen what would happen.

I watched an interview with actor Tony Randall a few years back. At that time, he had just married a woman less than half his age. I remember thinking that she could have been his granddaughter! During the interview, he said, “I used to have women tell me I had beautiful eyes. You know you are getting older when you realize that the last time someone said that to you was fifteen years ago.” In the nursing home or retirement center, it gets a little harder to tell Miss America from the woman down the street.

In the inspired history of ancient Israel, two neighboring countries, Moab and Ammon, joined together to attack Israel (see 2 Chronicles 20). Though King Jehoshaphat had prepared for the possibility of war (2 Chronicles 17), this was still a fearful prospect. He called for fasting and prayer to the LORD, God of Israel and Creator of all else outside of Himself. It is amazing how often something similar occurred in ancient Israel that threatened their national security.

As I see it, security is more than just having a good job, being strong and physically attractive, or even having a powerful national defense. It stretches into eternity. It addresses our mortality. It gives us, as the writer of Hebrews put it, “an anchor for the soul, firm and secure” (Hebrews 6:19, NIV). Such eternal security is a “living hope” that God offers us in the good news of Jesus, and it is founded on His very resurrection from among the dead (1 Peter 1:3).

When we have put our hope in Jesus and His completed work on the cross, we have something that the fortunes of people and nations can’t affect. We have security. Let’s celebrate and share this with others!

Smiley Mudd